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High-Impact Infrastructure Security Assessments

In today’s ever-changing threat landscape, securing your infrastructure is vital. Metis Security offers a comprehensive Infrastructure Security Assessment, going beyond the basics. Our expertise extends to Azure environments, ensuring seamless integration with our Azure Security Assessment.

Our team combines deep knowledge of infrastructure security with a nuanced understanding of Azure, providing integrated solutions that bridge the gap between infrastructure and cloud security. By combining both assessments, we deliver a cohesive security strategy tailored to your needs.

Understanding your unique circumstances is our priority. We work closely with you to identify objectives, regulatory requirements, and risk tolerance, ensuring our recommendations align with your goals.

Defend your critical infrastructure with our assessments. Our experts delve deep, identifying vulnerabilities and offering practical recommendations to strengthen your defenses. With a focus on quality analysis, we ensure your infrastructure is secure and aligned with your business objectives.

Typically In-scope:

  • Server Operating Systems such as Linux and Windows OS
  • Networking Components such as routers, firewalls, load balancers, VPNs, and other network infrastructure devices
  • Middleware Applications such as web, email, and database servers
  • Supporting Infrastructure such as intrusion detection systems, authentication servers, and remote access solutions

Our Infrastructure Security Assessment follows a well-defined process, uncovering vulnerabilities, assessing risks, and providing actionable recommendations. Here’s what to expect during our engagement:

Reconnaissance/Mapping of In-Scope Assets

In this initial phase, we delve deep into understanding your infrastructure landscape. We meticulously map out the in-scope assets, gaining insight into their nature, architecture, and dependencies. This crucial step allows us to establish a solid foundation for the assessment process.


Building upon the initial reconnaissance, we conduct an in-depth review of the identified assets. We go beyond surface-level information, examining running services, software versions, and configurations. While automation tools play a role, our experienced team performs extensive manual activities to compensate for tooling deficiencies. This comprehensive approach ensures that no stone is left unturned.

Exploitation/Manual Confirmation

To validate earlier findings, we embark on a manual process that attempts to replicate and confirm identified vulnerabilities. By simulating threatening activities, we verify the potential impact and severity of security risks. This hands-on approach enables us to provide you with accurate insights and actionable recommendations.

Risk Prioritisation

Our experts analsze the confirmed issues with a focus on prioritisation. We take into account your unique threat profile and risk appetite to determine the short, medium, and long-term remediation roadmap. This careful analysis ensures that your security investments are aligned with your business priorities, allowing you to address the most critical vulnerabilities first

Production of the Final Report

The culmination of our assessment is the generation of a comprehensive final report. This detailed document captures all activities, highlights identified deficiencies, and provides clear guidance on how to address them. We not only outline the problems but also explain why they are detrimental and offer practical solutions for remediation. Throughout this iterative process, we welcome your feedback, incorporating it to refine our recommendations where appropriate.

How You Will Gain


Proactive Risk Mitigation

Take a proactive approach to risk mitigation by uncovering potential weaknesses before they are exploited, allowing you to address them before they become significant threats.

Compliance & Regulatory Alignment

Ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards by identifying gaps and implementing appropriate security controls to meet compliance requirements.

Enhanced Security Posture

Identify and address vulnerabilities in your infrastructure to strengthen your overall security posture, reducing the risk of data breaches and cyberattacks.

Cost Savings

By addressing vulnerabilities and strengthening your security posture, you can reduce the potential financial impact of security incidents, such as data breaches or system downtime.

Scalability & Growth

As your business expands, ensure that your infrastructure can scale securely. By identifying and addressing vulnerabilities early on, you can support future growth without compromising security.

Safeguard Business Critical Data

Protect your sensitive data, intellectual property, and customer information by identifying and addressing security vulnerabilities that could lead to data breaches or unauthorised access.

Improved Reputation

Demonstrate your commitment to security by proactively assessing and addressing vulnerabilities. Enhance customer trust and protect your reputation by safeguarding their data and maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of your systems.

Peace of Mind

focus on your core business objectives knowing that your systems have been thoroughly assessed by experienced professionals. Our assessment provides you with valuable insights, recommendations, and a clear roadmap to improve your security posture.

Improved Business Continuity

Mitigate the risk of disruptions to your business operations by identifying and addressing vulnerabilities that could impact the availability and reliability of your infrastructure.

Supporting Material

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Engagement Timeline

The process for a Infrastructure Security Assessment typically involves a number of steps. The first of which is a free of charge consultation, followed by a number of of charged engagement activities. Once the report has been assessed, we can help you with any remediation work you may require and potentially engage in further follow up activities.

Elevate your infrastructure security with Metis Security. Experience the benefits of proactively identifying security weaknesses, seamless integration with Azure Security Assessment, personalised recommendations, and ongoing support.


Typical Pricing Options

Infrastructure environments with their systems and network components can vary greatly in their nature, be in scale or complexity. The below pricing examples are for illustration purposes and your engagement will be custom scoped with a bespoke price:

Small Engagement

Remote assessment across the internet
  • Up to 10 Internet accessible IP addresses
  • Up to 3 accessible application servers - databases, web sites, email servers
  • A review of up to 2 routers and/or firewalls with no more than 100 rules

Medium Engagement

Remote assessment across the internet
  • Up to 20 Internet accessible IP addresses
  • Up to 10 accessible application servers - databases, web sites, email servers
  • A review of up to 4 routers and/or firewalls with no more than 300 rules

Large Engagement

Remote assessment across the internet
  • Up to 50 Internet accessible IP addresses
  • Up to 20 accessible application servers - databases, web sites, email servers
  • A review of up to 6 routers and/or firewalls with no more than 600 rules
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