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The Trusted Advisor service is a consultancy retainer agreement that provides you with ongoing access to Metis Security’s expertise and guidance. As a Trusted Advisor, we will serve as a dedicated consultant and strategic partner, offering personalised advice, recommendations, and support tailored to your unique needs and goals. The service can include regular consultations, strategic planning sessions, solution design and architecture, risk assessments, and proactive guidance on emerging trends and technologies. By engaging in the Trusted Advisor service, you gain a trusted partner who understands your business and provides expert insights to drive your success.

In addition to providing ongoing access to our expertise, the Trusted Advisor service seamlessly integrates with our wider portfolio of service offerings. The Trusted Advisor service enhances the value of our entire service suite, providing you with comprehensive and tailored guidance to maximise your security and cloud environment’s effectiveness. Our service can be used in in whichever way is best for you and complements as opposed to duplicates out wider portfolio. Typical use cases include but are not limited to:

Executive analysing security data and information on a dashboard
Executive analysing security data and information on a dashboard

Expert Guidance on Emerging Threats

Stay informed about the latest cyber threats and their relevance to your specific Microsoft cloud environment, and have the opportunity to discuss any emerging threats and their applicability to your organisaiton.

Strategic Cyber Security Planning & Roadmap Development

Discuss and plan your cyber security initiatives, including budgeting and prioritisation. Collaborate on developing a long-term roadmap for strengthening the security posture of your Microsoft cloud environment.

Architectural Consultation

Receive guidance on optimising your Microsoft cloud environment’s architecture for enhanced security and performance and additionally discuss any proposed developments to identify any potential security implications.

Ad-hoc Testing

Typically testing is best performed as a thorough engagement to enable you to gain a comprehensive view of the security posture of the environment. However on occasion a point upgrade or remediation will require the need for a small rapid test, or an emerging threat may necessitate a short notice focused assessment.

Vendor and Solution Evaluation

Consult with us on selecting the right cyber security vendors and solutions that align with your business needs.

Monitoring, Incident Response & User Awareness

Refinement of incident response plans and strategies to mitigate potential cyber security incidents and ensuring users are educated in their use to ensure an effective response.

How You Will Gain


Cyber Security for Business Growth

As your Trusted Advisor, we help you navigate the evolving cyber security landscape to support your business growth initiatives. We align security measures with your expansion plans, ensuring a secure and resilient foundation for your Microsoft cloud environment.

Maximising Security Investments

With our guidance, you can make informed decisions about cyber security investments, ensuring optimal utilisation of your resources. We help you prioritise security initiatives based on their alignment with business objectives and return on investment.

Expertise Tailored to Your Needs

Benefit from our in-depth understanding of Microsoft cloud environments and their security implications. We provide customised recommendations and solutions, leveraging our expertise to address your specific challenges and goals.

Strategic Cyber Security Guidance

Leverage our extensive expertise to develop a robust cyber security strategy that aligns with your unique business objectives and risk tolerance. We provide insights and recommendations to enhance your overall security posture.

Business-Focused Risk Management

Our advisors work help you to identify and prioritise cyber security risks, allowing you to allocate resources strategically and effectively manage potential threats. We help you achieve a balance between risk mitigation and operational efficiency.

Strategic Vendor Evaluation

With our industry knowledge and experience, we assist you in evaluating cyber security vendors and solutions. We help you select the most suitable options that align with your business objectives and provide the necessary protection for your Microsoft cloud environment.

Improved Customer & Stakeholder Confidence

Demonstrate a commitment to maintaining a strong security posture, this can enhance customer trust and confidence in your ability to meet security requirements.

Business-Centric IR

Prepare for cyber security incidents by developing comprehensive incident response plans. We assist in creating strategies that align with your business objectives, ensuring minimal disruption and rapid recovery in the event of an incident.

Cultivate a Security-Aware Culture

Our service extend beyond technical recommendations. We focus on building a security-aware culture within your organisation, providing training and awareness programs to empower your employees and reduce the risk of human error.


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Engagement Timeline

All Trusted Advisor activities are performed remotely and typically take the form of:

  • Responding to email queries
  • Attending teleconferences
  • Attending video conferences and workshops
  • Research and Analysis
Options to Support Your Every Need

Typical Pricing Options

Trusted Advisor engagements are bespoke by their very nature, the below are illustrative examples that can be fully customised based on your requirements.

Trusted Advisor

Monthly Commitment
  • Access to 8 hours of trusted advisor expertise in the month
  • Billed in hourly units
  • No role over of hours
  • Available 0800 - 1700 UK time business days
  • 1 day response time to request

Trusted Advisor

Yearly Commitment
  • Access to 8 hours of trusted advisor expertise per month
  • Billed in hourly units
  • Role over of up to 4 hours to following month
  • All hours must be used by end month 12, unless contract extended
  • Available 0800 - 1700 UK time business days
  • 1 day response time to request

Premium Trusted Advisor

Yearly commitment with enhanced access
  • Access to 20 hours of trusted advisor expertise per month
  • Billed in hourly units
  • Role over of up to 10 hours to following month
  • All hours must be used by end month 12, unless contract extended
  • Ability to borrow hours from following month
  • Available 0800 - 1700 UK time, 7 days per week
  • 4 hour response time for business days, 1 day response time for weekends & public holidays
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