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Strengthening Cybersecurity Frameworks in Azure


A logistics and distribution firm based in the United Kingdom.

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A leading Logistics and Distribution company, experiencing rapid growth and expansion, recognised the necessity to modernise its technology infrastructure to keep pace with its operational demands. The migration of their on-premises systems to Azure cloud was a strategic move to enhance operational efficiency and scalability. However, this transition brought to light the critical need for a robust security strategy to protect against escalating cyber threats and vulnerabilities inherent in the digital transformation of logistics operations.


The logistics company faced a dual challenge in safeguarding its digital transformation:

  • Data Protection and Compliance: The need to secure sensitive data, including client information, shipment tracking, and financial transactions, was paramount. The company had to ensure compliance with international regulations governing data protection and privacy in the logistics sector.
  • Operational Continuity: The security measures implemented must not hinder the efficiency of operations, particularly in areas critical to logistics such as scheduling, tracking, and collaboration with global partners.
  • External Collaboration and IP Protection: With a network of global partners, maintaining strict controls over information sharing was essential. The company needed to balance the security of its operations with the flexibility required for international collaboration.
  • Technology Adoption: The rapid adoption of new technologies posed a risk if not properly managed. Ensuring that users embraced these changes without compromising security was a crucial aspect of their modernisation effort.


Metis Security, leveraging its deep expertise in cloud security, embarked on a comprehensive assessment and overhaul of the company’s Azure environment and supporting Microsoft 365 environment, focusing on:

  • Advanced Security Configuration: A thorough review of Azure configurations was conducted, identifying gaps and implementing best practices for cloud security, including enhanced protection for data storage and transmission.
  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Implementation: To standardise deployments and improve security, Metis Security recommended the adoption of IaC using Azure Resource Manager templates, ensuring consistent and secure infrastructure provisioning.
  • Microsoft Security Suite Integration: The deployment of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, Defender for Office 365, and Defender for Cloud Apps provided a multi-layered security approach, offering advanced threat protection, data loss prevention (DLP), and monitoring for shadow IT activities.
  • Azure Sentinel for SIEM: Implementation of Azure Sentinel, a cloud-native SIEM tool, allowed for comprehensive monitoring and analysis of security data across the Azure environment, enhancing threat detection and response capabilities.
  • Device and Access Management: Utilising Azure’s device encryption and mobile device management (MDM) capabilities, along with multi-factor authentication and conditional access policies, bolstered the security of device access and data sharing.


The strategic security enhancements delivered by Metis Security resulted in:

  • Secure and Compliant Operations: The logistics company achieved a significant uplift in its security posture, ensuring that sensitive data was protected in compliance with global data protection regulations.
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: The adoption of IaC and the streamlined security configurations facilitated smoother, more secure operations without compromising on efficiency or flexibility.
  • Elevated Security Awareness: Through ongoing training, including simulated phishing attacks, the company fostered a culture of security awareness among its employees, enhancing the overall resilience of the organisation against cyber threats.
  • Proactive Threat Management: With Azure Sentinel, the company gained real-time insights into potential security threats, enabling proactive management and response to cyber risks.


The Azure security assessment and subsequent enhancements undertaken by Metis Security have empowered the logistics company to navigate its digital transformation journey with confidence. By implementing a robust cybersecurity framework tailored to the unique needs of the logistics and distribution sector, the company not only secured its operations against current and emerging threats but also established a foundation for sustainable growth and innovation. This case study exemplifies the critical role of strategic cybersecurity measures in enabling businesses to leverage cloud technologies safely and effectively, ensuring that they remain competitive and resilient in the digital era.