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Our Azure Security Assessment is a comprehensive service designed to help you evaluate and improve the security of your Azure environment. With the increasing adoption of Azure for hosting critical applications and data, it’s crucial to ensure the highest level of security measures are in place to ensure that these environments are secure and protected against cyber threats.

Our team of experienced security experts will conduct a thorough review of your Azure environment, identify potential security risks and vulnerabilities, and provide actionable recommendations to strengthen your security posture. Our assessment covers a wide range of security areas.

Identity and Access Management

Our team will evaluate your identity and access management policies and configurations to ensure that they are aligned with industry best practices. We will identify any vulnerabilities that may expose your organisation to unauthorized access, and provide recommendations to mitigate these risks.

Threat Protection

We will evaluate your threat protection settings and policies to ensure that your organization is protected against known and emerging cyber threats. We will identify any gaps in your threat protection policies and provide recommendations to enhance your protection against cyber attacks.

Data Protection

We will evaluate the data protection policies and settings within your Microsoft 365 environment to ensure that your data is protected against accidental or intentional deletion, unauthorised access, and data breaches. Our team will identify any gaps or vulnerabilities in your data protection policies and provide recommendations for improvement.

Compliance and Governance

We will evaluate your compliance and governance policies to ensure that they are aligned with industry regulations and standards. We will identify any compliance gaps and provide recommendations to help you meet your compliance requirements.

Network Security

We will evaluate your network security components, such as network security groups, firewall rules, and traffic filtering, to ensure that the Azure environment is adequately protected against unauthorised access and malicious activities.

Monitoring & Incident Response

We will evaluate your monitoring and logging capabilities of the Azure environment to detect potential security incidents. We will also assess the incident response plans and processes in place to see if address and mitigate security breaches effectively.

How you will Gain


Proactive Security

Identify potential security risks and mitigate them before they turn into security breaches.

Achieve Compliance

Identify any compliance and governance gaps and provide recommendations to help you meet your organisation’s requirements.

Improved Posture

Strengthen your security posture by identifying controls that can be improved such as access controls and data protection.

Enhanced IDR

Identify incidents in a timely manner and respond efficiently with streamlined plans, processes and procedures.

Increased Efficiency

Save time and money by identifying security risks and vulnerabilities early and avoiding costs and downtime associated with security incidents.

Secure Data

Protection of sensitive data such as customer data, financial information, and intellectual property.

Improved Stakeholder Confidence

A commitment to maintaining a strong security posture can enhance customer confidence in your ability to meet security requirements.

Peace of Mind

You focus on your business objectives and growth, rather than worrying about security threats and breaches.

Expert Guidance

We will provide you with valuable insights and guidance throughout, helping you make informed decisions to enhance your M365 security.

Supporting Material

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Engagement Timeline

The process for an Azure Security Assessment typically involves a number of steps. The first of which is a free of charge consultation, followed by a number of charged engagement activities such as discovery, assessment, analysis and concluding with reporting. Once the report has been assessed, we can help you with any remediation work you may require and potentially engage of further follow up activities.

By conducting an Azure Security Assessment, organisations can proactively identify and address security weaknesses, reduce the risks of data breaches or service disruptions, and ensure that their Azure environment is protected against evolving cyber threats.


Typical Pricing Options

Azure environments can vary greatly in their nature, be it in scale or complexity. The below pricing examples are for a typical small environment:

  • A single subscription
  • 10 Virtual machines / Web Apps
  • 10 Storage objects
  • 50 IAM principals (Users, groups & roles)
  • 15 Conditional Access policies
  • 150 Network Security Group and/or firewall rules

Technical Assessment

For those who only desire a technical review of the environment
  • Review of the App services, compute engine and Virtual Machine management
  • Review of the storage solutions, persistent disks, blob and cloud storage, encryption and snapshots
  • IAM roles, users and groups, access keys and MFA
  • A review of monitoring, reporting, notifications and SIEM integration
  • A review of resource segregation and management
  • Network segregation, compute outbound access, network security groups and ACLs

Comprehensive Assessment

Includes and expands upon the Technical Assessment to include risk management, policy and governance elements
  • Governance aspects pertaining to the Technical Assessment, plus
  • High level threat assessment review of your cloud environment
  • Review of control maturity against NCSC Cloud Security Principles
  • A review of risk management and change control procedures
  • A review of current and future licensing needs
  • A review of monitoring, alerting & reporting requirements
  • Prioritised roadmap to achieve your desired level of maturity

Custom Quote

For those requiring a more extensive assessment, or an assessment of more than one subscription
  • For multiple Azure Subscriptions
  • For larger environments
  • For those requiring a review against additional / different control frameworks
  • For those requiring network penetration testing or comprehensive build reviews
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